Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am so excited, or "Small things amuse Small.... ok enough of that..

I just made an Amazon store. The reason it's really  neat and I am so sexited is because now I can share stuff I think is cool, and also where to buy it from in one little neat place.
Also (only some of the things), I get a little kickback... but it's probably so small it doesn't really matter, but it's a little bit like the Cherry on the cake.

I am going to cross post this post to all my Blogs, thought I better give a little heads up in advance!
If you do not already know I have a few little bloggies, the links are in the sidebar.

I also used to post profusely, however I used a little "what would I like" and decided that I liked blog reading light, not to be bombarded with zillions of posts etc.

I haven't touched my background blogs in a little while. I am not really sure if people are using, and/or liking them; So if you are... please drop me a comment or email on what you like/dislike, whether you want to see more and what kinds/colours... you know just  general feedback :)

If you are an avid blog reader and enjoy them with your breakfast like I do every morning, if you don't know already there is something called "Readers". They are super easy to use, FREE and can list and keep track of hundreds of blogs.
Basically you add the blogs you like to your reader " I use Google Reader",  and each time a blog is updated, it gets added to your
every morning when you sit down to read your blogs, all you do is log into your reader and scroll through each new post. You do have to click on a link back to the actual blog page to comment, but it is so so SO much easier!!
I HIGHLY recommend using one :)

Woah! this is much more than I usually post, just catching up and all excited about being able to share things with people and where to buy them all in the one place! hehe like a little girl I am!

Thanks for reading and as I add things to my store I will sure and let you know. You can in the meantime, or anytime for that matter just click on the tab under the blog title "RISM'. and take a recommended shopping tour! :)
Have the bestest happy day!!
J0 (big smile)

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  1. Just found your blog ~ I am using the Dress Form background for my sewing blog. I have a small image in the top left corner, though, that says image has been removed ~ how can I fix that?
    Thank You!


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