Thursday, February 4, 2010

FREE Minima Stretch Blog Backgrounds

Just a little FYI, in case someone has actually used one of the new minima stretch backgrounds yesterday and finds it no longer working...
I did an OOPS

I had to change them because when opened on a wide-screen (like my hubbies) you could not read the Blog as the background was all skewiff.

I was considering being lazy, as on my smaller screen you could see it fine but then I thought about if people actually used them they would want people to be able to read their blog no matter what screen.. so after a little bit of experimentation I found how to work it and fixed the ones I did yesterday.

The regular blogger backgrounds are fine, I just had to fix the new Stretch ones I am doing.

I really like the look of the stretch, I think it makes everything so much neater and easier to read :)
Anyway, sorry if you did grab one yesterday... hey, I never professed to be good at this, just playing around with stuff :) But they should be all good now :)

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