Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome Post

Hi! Welcome to the new home for my blogger background creations.. or maybe I should just call it preschool .. or wait Newbie-ville hehe

This is only just new. It's not going to become a blog with zillions of backgrounds to chose from, nor is it professional.

It is simply a place where I can organise the backgrounds I have been playing with a little better for me, and for those (if any) that actually like them and would like to use them on their blog.

I try to make sure that every credit goes to where I find the pictures. If I have used yours or something I have done wrong please let me know, I do it all in good faith and have no ill intentions other than to play around and maybe send a little something different into the pool.

If you stumbled across here, I hope you have a little fun looking around and I would love to hear what you think.. but please be nice, or at least constructive ;)

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