Friday, July 31, 2009

How to use the backgrounds

It's really pretty easy:

  • Make sure that you have "Minima" blogger template as your base template
  • open your layouts section
  • click "add gadget"
  • click "add new HTML"
  • then just copy and paste the code under the picture you like.
  • (and don't forget to save it :p)... I know I know, but even I forget this sometimes hehe
You will more than likely have to change around your text colours etc .. as you can see I like to use lots of colours, and that can be found in the layout section under fonts and colours.

If you hate it.. well then just delete it.

The templates are totally free to use wherever you like, as long as you use it AS IS and not change it in anyway. Thanks :)

I make no representations, guarantees etc etc.. everything is use at own risk.. not that I know of any, but just in case some I get some nutter... you all know how it goes :)

I hope you had a little fun looking around.. maybe found something you liked that is unique from the others and well... just smiled!

I would love to hear any suggestions, comments ideas etc :)
Happy Day!

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